This construction is made mainly of iron. It was designed by the architect D. Juan Miguel de la Guardia and it is an outstanding example of the Iron architecture from the end of 19th century.
It has a hexagonal floor plan and base with corners and ashlar imposts. It is closed by an iron banister divided into six sections by the columns at each corner. The decoration is based on iron ribbon with motives of curves and counter curves with a modernist flair. At the northern section, the banister is interrupted to allow the access to the bandstand.
The lower areas of the columns at the corners are faceted pillars and base. The columns from the banister are slim and fluted with a touch of Ionic style.
The roof is a dome with hexagonal base and a Chinese inspired silhouette. From the exterior, the roof is scaled zinc with wreathed ribs that rounds off in a sphere at the top. From the interior there is a wood strip with a complex of reinforcement ribs.