Palacio de Fontela WELCOME

You are in the Palace of the Marquise of Fontela, located in the heart of the historic centre of the town of Grau/Grado. It is an urban palace of simple architecture, with a quadrangular floor plan and three floors. It was built in the 18th century, forming a complex with the main house, the chapel, the garden, and the service houses, which are next to it. The building has suffered the ups and downs of history: it was burnt down during the Peninsular War (1809) and bombed during the Spanish Civil War (1936-37), and although it went through several alterations, it has kept its original structure. On its façade, we find two coats of arms added at the beginning of the 20th century with the arms of their former owners: the Solares and Álvarez de Bandujo families. The eaves also stand out, with several anthropomorphic wood carvings of popular inspiration. 

The palace was owned by an aristocratic family, related to other families of the nobility and with various possessions and estates, which is why they did not always live there. It owes its name to the surname of one of its last owners, Doña Gloria Fontela Campomanes. It currently hosts the Tourist Office and is one of the headquarters of the Ethnographic and History Museum of Grau/Grado.