Grau, villa ya mercáu

The town of Grau/Grado is the capital of the council of the same name, located in the central-western part of Asturias. It is strategically located at a crossroads and overlooks a fertile plain next to the rivers Cubia and Nalón. Since the Middle Ages, its fairs and markets and its strength as a commercial centre have made it an important regional centre. 

This museum space, called Grau, villa ya mercáu, forms part of the permanent exhibition of the Ethnographic and History Museum, together with the headquarters of Traditional Culture and the Spanish Civil War Collection, in La Cardosa, and the Llagar de sidra (cider press), in the palace of Miranda-Valdecarzana (Casa de Cultura). Here, visitors are introduced to the history of the town and its inhabitants, known as “moscones”. There are exhibits and information related to the history, economic activities, and cultural life of the town. 

On the ground floor, on your left, you will find a room dedicated to local history and heritage. On the first floor there is a display of trade, industry, and daily life in the town since the end of the 19th century. The first floor hosts the Corsino Fernández’s collection of cameras and Felipe Rubial’s collection of accordions. 

We wish you an enjoyable visit! 

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