This palace was built by the Miranda Family, to whom king Felipe IV bestowed with the title of Marquis of Valdecarzana in 1642.
According to archaeological research, the initial construction is dated from the 15th Century. From this date, a lancet arch of the military tower still remains at the northwest corner of the building.  In the 17th and 18th centuries the palace was fully remodelled in a Baroque style and is this building that we can see before us today.
This Urban Palace has a rectangular floor plan surrounding a central courtyard and four towers at each of the corners with the main façade facing east. Over the main door you can see the Miranda Family Shield representing five maidens with naked torsos. Each of the maidens holds a shell and is outlined by two double headed serpents.
Inside the foyer you can see a monumental staircase that gives access to the stately home. The cobblestoned central patio works as a porch with eight supporting columns on the ground floor and it has a grand central fountain that worked originally as a system of collecting rain water.