City Council

The actual City Council started its construction during the mid-19th Century, at around 1848, following the designs of Andrés Coello.
It is a building with a rectangular floor plan, three floors high and a tower in the right corner which currently is home to a clock. The building has had several renovations throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, with the most important of all carried out between 1931 and 1936 by the local architect, D. Leopoldo Corugedo.
The walls rise up in plentiful and varied hollows such as the framed balconies on the first floor, the lintels over pilasters on the second floor or the semi-circular arches on the top floor of the tower. Over the main balcony, we can see the Council Shield.
Attached to the City Council there is a building of dwellings renovated in 1930 based on the project of the local architect D. Leopoldo Corugedo. It has a square floor plan with three floors and an angular tower with a fourth floor. The walls are garnished with decorative elements based on consoles with mirrors, foliage and circular buttons.  It is covered with a hipped roof with curved tiles over a large wooden eave.